Friday, April 26, 2013

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

This is the time of the year when we start digging around in the bottom of our wardrobe in search of summer clothes, and end up finding amazing fashion gems! It is therefore the perfect moment to launch the "closet" feature of our little blog. Here we'll share garments that are important and significant, and we'll invite you to do the same. We'll show you clothes that have been in the family for years, clothes we've found, clothes we feel good in, clothes we've made and even clothes we've paid an absolute fortune for!
We'd love you to submit photos and stories of your own. There is only one rule: your chosen garment has to mean something to you!
Catarina, blogger and writer, will kick things off by sharing a picture and a few lines about her trustworthy army jacket. Enjoy!

This army jacket went through a lot before arriving in my closet. I can't account for its time in service, but I can trace its history back to a little second hand shop in Barcelona where it was bought by one of my work colleagues. Some years later, deciding to make a closet clearance, she organized a clothes swapping dinner. The jacket didn't excite the curiosity of the other guests, but when I caught sight of it, hanging alone on the corner of a sofa, I knew it had to be mine!
I love it a) because it is a timeless style, and b) because it is a double-recycled garment.

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