Thursday, May 31, 2012


As much as I am not a fan of either, I do love a good old Union jack print and as we all know with the Jubilee and Olympics fast approaching, its a major must have this year on ANYTHING! So… I made a dress.

It’s a very ‘unique’ dress, in style and fabrics, only half re-cycled and it’s a work in progress (as per usual) but it will all be finished (and revealed) at the Diamond Jubilee Festival this Monday in Powis Castle - its definitely one to attend if you love your vintage! We’re hoping to get ourselves a generator to power the sewing machine so you can get your shorts ‘Union Jacked’ while you wait!

We are also offering it in store, and at our second Jubilee event in Cowbridge on the 5th June. Join in and get upcycling!
Its a Jubilympic Jubilation, celebrating all that is British!

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