Saturday, February 9, 2013

New blog, same philosophy.

After a short period away from the blogosphere, the E&W blog has come back stronger than ever! We have a lot of stories and tips to share, and we are very determined to continue our quest to promote ethical fashion!
Those that have been following E&W already know that our creativity is fuelled by unwanted materials. We love to work with old fabrics and vintage garments in need of a makeover, and it is truly inspiring to find that more and more people are beginning to share this passion!
Ethical fashion is no longer a trend followed by few. Big institutions like The Victoria and Albert Museum have already opened their online doors to this debate, and are helping to promote amazing projects: the Wardrobe Refashion is one of them.
The project, created by Nichola Prested, was designed to lead people to commit to 2, 4 or 6 months of high-street shopping abstinence! Instead of buying new, people were encouraged to make their own, buy second hand or buy handmade.
Sadly the Wardrobe Refashion is no longer active, but the idea lives on and it's still very inspiring!

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