Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lace & Collars

We took a trip to the lovely town of Frome today to visit the first Vintage Rag Market in the Cheese and Grain hall and it was fantastic! We picked up some wonderful bits and bobs to get making and its really inspired us to crack on with it!
In particular, we spent double our budget on scraps of vintage lace (yes double) and I could have spent 10x that quite easily! With only around 15 stalls it still took us a little over 3 hours to rummage through the piles of goodies people had to offer at their discounted prices.
I spoke a while ago about our eventual attempt to get round to a bit of Miu Miu D.I.Y, and today having found a nice little lot of vintage lace and silk collars - we’re finally on that train of thought!
Here’s a few that I’ve managed to get all sewn up since we arrived home…

Lots more to come, embellished with vintage appliques, motifs and buttons - soon to be pearls, jewellery bits and bobs, fabrics, trims and peter pan collars!
We’re on the case of button cards, up-cycled shorts, make your own skirt packs and loads more to be introduced to the new shop opening next month (hopefully)!
Its all go
As always

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