Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter tutorial - (upcycled garland)

This week I managed to work on some Easter decorations in my spare time. Inspired by these beautiful machine-stitched paper garlands, I've decided to put my scraps box to good use and create our first tutorial!
This embroidered paper garland is quite easy to make and the final result is seriously cute. If you're not that much into Easter, or would rather make a garland that will last you past the holiday, you can use flower or heart shapes instead of eggs.

(Click to enlarge.)
Here's the list of materials you'll need:
- scraps of card;
- scraps of ribbon;
- loose book pages or some kind of sketching paper;
- a drawing pin;
- a needle;
- some colourful embroidery thread;
- two meters of yarn;
- a few mini clothes pegs.

1. Draw a number of egg shapes on your card. The number of shapes will determine the length of your garland.
2. Draw the same number of egg shapes on the sketching paper and put them aside to use later.
3. Cut your egg shapes out of the card, place them over a soft surface (I placed mine over some sheets of felt) and use the drawing pin to trace your intended embroidery pattern. You can decorate your shapes with vertical, horizontal or zigzag lines like I did, or you can try more complex stitches.
4. When your Easter eggs are fully decorated, cut your ribbon into 5cm bits, fold them in half and secure them to the back of the egg using a bit of tape.
5. Cut the egg shapes you set aside in step 2, cover them with glue and place them over the back of the eggs. Wait for the glue to dry.
6. Slide the yarn through the each egg's ribbon loop and secure them using a mini clothes peg.

And your garland is ready to hang!

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