Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back to the future

Shell and I went back in time - sadly not driving a DeLorean - to those hectic days that preceded our store's grand opening. Remember? Painting, decorating, testing, assembling... Well, we are happy to announce that we're doing it all over again, because it is time to move forward and dream bigger!
In a matter of weeks Hubbard's Cupboard will be living under the emblematic roof of the Castle Arcade! We will be sharing yet another awesome space with Shell, who is going to be in charge of our mega wedding emporium.
Hubbard's Cupboard will remain faithful to its ethos and will welcome a much wider selection of must-haves that you must check out! I am very happy to invite all of you guys to our grand opening, which will be taking place on the 29th.

Believe me, it will be hard to miss us, and impossible to resist us. There will be flashy Lindy Hop dance shows, delicious sweet treats and crafty workshops. You know the place. See you there?

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