Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shine on you crazy diamond

The new store is officially launched and it looks great. Last weekend Cardiff's Castle Arcade welcomed Hubbard's Cupboard with a big smile, and in return we introduced our brilliant suppliers, seasoned the party with tasty macaroons from Marmalade Cookery School, and invited everyone to have a go at making beautiful pom-poms with Helen!
As was to be expected, the new store features loads of up-cycling and re-purposing decorative ideas, and today I am going to share one of them with you guys!

How to make a collection of miscellaneous lampshades.
Hubbard's Cupboard hat lampshades.

A web of quirky lampshades is currently shining over our store. Looking up to our ceiling you'll find not only up-cycled vintage lampshades, but also hats and plant pots!

To make your own quirky lampshade you'll need:

- a hat or a cute plant pot to serve as lampshade;
- A drill and the correct drill bit for the your lampshade of choice (masonry drill bit is needed for china!);

Drill a hole on your hat/plant pot. The opening should be the size of the opening of the fixture you have bought. Unscrew your fixture, place the lampshade in between and screw is back together. If you are using a hat, make sure that the bulb won't touch any part of the fabric (the high temperature of the electric bulb might set the fabric on fire). We recommend using an upside down ceiling place inside the hat!

Finally you just have to secure the ceiling cup using a drill! Easy :)

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