Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A throwback to the beginning…

After a wonderful, inspirational chat with Catarina of Mrs.Crafting today, it’s a little post about our original inspiration point for E&W!

Having just started researching and guest posting for Something Kinda Cute’s new wedding blog (here) I loved the idea of Catarina giving us a helping hand with ours too! Seeing as I constantly complain about the lack of time and inspiration!
After our little chat about what we’d like the blog to revolve around - ethical fashion seemed to be the biggest presence. After all, that is what we’re all about! It got us thinking about a recent project that was done to discover people’s emotional attachments to their garments. Don’t pretend like you don’t have one - whether it’s a lucky pair of socks or your mum’s cardy, we’ve all got a special item of clothing that we just can’t seem to shake off.
The great thing about making clothes from old items (be it curtains or garments) is that they all come with a story…

When we first started E&W, piecing together bits and bobs to create our dresses we gave them their own identities. It started as a bit of a fun, but as it turned out people really loved reading about where their dresses story!

So, a throwback to the old it is! We’re heading back to our roots, letting you all know the stories behind your dresses, where they’ve come from so that hopefully you can add to it!
We’d love to hear about all your stories and attachments to your clothes!

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